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We Are a Full Service
Digital Media Agency
Located in New City, NY.

Heartbeat Media Group is The ONLY Digital Media Subscription Company in Rockland County, NY.

We create your business’ online marketing framework using engaging content to help you build your brand online. Our clients turn to us for professional and highly engaging video production, social media marketing, photography, and website design.

Our company’s mission is to offer affordable Digital Media packages for all size businesses.

Why Choose Heartbeat Media?


At Heartbeat Media Group, we’ve helped local businesses of all sizes, large and small, with their digital marketing efforts and online presence. We’ve seen small local businesses with failed online marketing attempts from big companies that didn’t properly meet their small business needs. It’s because they don’t have a local business mindset.


We have an incredible depth of understanding and knowledge on how to help your local business and your brand grow online. Simply because we’re also a small local business. We speak the same language. We’ve worked with dentists, plumbers, health and fitness professionals, real estate agents, nonprofits and other organizations. This gives us a unique level of knowledge and understanding across a diverse range of industries and markets.


We take your story and tell it in a way that is current and prospective customers will find exciting, engaging and valuable. Our Creative team specializes in content creation, videos, social media, photography, website design and more. Let’s get to work and design a business plan to help build your brand online.

Interested in taking your business to the next level?

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Your business is unique and has specific needs. As a local business we have a true understanding of the Digital Marketing solutions to help you grow.

Is it quality video marketing you need?

With our video production services, we’ll capture the essence of your business for potential customers to gain a true understanding of what sets you apart from your competitors.

Perhaps you need social media management?

You’ve come to the right place. Our team can handle all of your social media marketing needs, from content creation, to posting, to engaging with your audience.

Been searching for a Digital Media Agency?

If you’ve been searching for an agency capable of understanding your local business needs and creating an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, Heartbeat Media is for you!

Want to get started?

We’re a group of artists, business experts, writers, millennials, generation Xers, baby boomers, innovators and out of the box thinkers. Each one of us is passionate about our clients and what we do!


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