How To Grow On Instagram

With so many changes to Instagram’s algorithm, it’s never been more important to grow your Instagram with a real organically grown following.

Not just some fake, paid for, impressive looking, following that doesn’t engage with your content.

Spoiler Alert!! …… Everyone knows you paid for it. You have 20,000 followers but only 50 of them like your content. Something’s not right.

That may look good in the short term, but soon you’ll start feeling the negative effects of having followers who don’t leave meaningful comments or questions. They don’t watch your stories, they don’t talk to you in your DM, they just don’t care.

Today, I’m sharing my Instagram secrets for organic growth.



A lot of people make this mistake.

They use one little group of hashtags and they use it over and over again, for every single post.

The algorithm starts to pick up on the consistent use of those hashtags and eventually will start to process it as spam. And your content isn’t going to get as much reach and it’s not going to get as many views.

So definitely start using groups of hashtags and you just want to kind of rotate them every single time that you post.

This is gonna get you guys more organic reach and you’ll see the big difference between doing that and then doing one set of hashtags.


A lot of people end up wondering why they’re not seeing a lot of growth in their following and it’s because you’re not posting enough content.

So at least once a day, post. If you can’t manage once a day then try for five times a week, Monday through Friday.

At the very least, you should be posting at least three times a week.

By doing this, your followers will start to see that you’re more regular with your content. They’ll start really engaging more and you will see the difference.


If you go to your insights, you can see when your audience is most active on Instagram.

You can schedule your posting around your own audience.

A great app for this trick is called WHEN TO POST APP.

It will tell you exactly what time, down to the minute, is best to post on Instagram.