Video Production

You need to elevate your digital brand by leveraging the power of video. The digital world is fast-moving and it’s important to stay in front of your customers with a constant stream of social media content.

Heartbeat Media has you covered with beautifully created videos that will help you stand out in your audiences’ feed.

We deliver high-quality video content for testimonials, products, services, social content and commercials. We treat every project with the utmost professionalism, regardless of the budget or scope.

What kind of video do you need?

Brand Building

What’s your story? As a business owner, you have a story to tell. Giving your customers a unique behind the scenes look into who you are as a company helps to humanize your brand. The goal of a Brand video is to tell your story and create a connection with your customers. Give people an opportunity to connect with you on a more personal level. Few things can communicate the level of engagement and emotion like a story can.


Highlight your satisfied customers in a video as they talk about why they love your service or product. Social-proof is a powerful decision making factor for prospective customers and whether or not they choose your services. It can be the key factor in why they choose your company over your competitors. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to hear about the experience that customers have had with you. We all do it. We go straight for the review section. With over 95% of people making decisions based on reviews, a video testimonial can be a very powerful tool for your business. Build trust and credibility with a raving video review.


Your quality of service might be the best in your market, but how are you sharing that with potential clients? No one wants to see some generic stock video of people who aren’t actually you. A professional video highlighting your specific services, with you and your real employees can help set you apart from the rest. Clearly illustrate exactly what you offer and how you carry out each service with video content.

Company Highlights

Does your business want to highlight the work you do in your local community? Potential customers love to support businesses that give back to those in need. Maybe you want to help a non-profit or charitable organization. The best way to maximize your charitable work is by collaborating in a video. Cross-promoting is a great way to highlight your business, as well as give more exposure and reach to local charities. Your audience can learn more about your company values while simultaneously learning about a good cause. It’s a Win Win!


Are you planning on running a Promotion or special offer? Use a video to help get the word out more effectively. Use the Promo video on your website or run it as an ad on Facebook. Get your special offer right in front of your audience. 

Social Media

Use video content to grow your social media following. Establish yourself as the leading authority in your niche by offering how to videos, DIY’s, tips and tricks. Educate your audience so that you become an invaluable resource for them. Your innovative and informative videos will keep them coming back for more. Videos like these create transparency and build trust between you and your audience. They will know you’re the real deal!

Cross Promotion

Using cross-promotion and collaboration is a great way to strengthen your digital brand. Your business should be taking advantage of cross-promotion with other non-competing businesses in your industry or businesses that compliment your product or service. This kind of partnership has the benefit of exposure for both businesses to new audiences. It’s a powerful and valuable endorsement for your brand.


Are you looking for help with your businesses video content? Contact Heartbeat media for creative and professional solutions.